Thank you for your interest in my work. To schedule a commission please send a message stating your request in the link below. Let me know whether you would like a drawing or a painting; a portrait or a figurative composition in a chosen theme. Let me know the desired scale (as relative to life-size) so that I can respond to your inquiry with specific options in an estimate. Let me know if the subject of a portrait is available for sittings to work from life (in Pasadena, California or on location).

For example: I am looking to commission a small portrait drawing of my Grandmother from a photograph. Or: I would like to commission a medium-scale painting of my favorite characters from A Song of Ice and Fire. Or: I would like an oil painting, to scale, of a nude resting in an autumn wilderness.

The pricing structure is based on public records of gallery sales and relative to the scale of time required. See the listing of available works for an approximation and inquire for your estimate. Thank you.